Tyrepower is a national independent tyre retailer established aver 30 years ago. In that time it has grown to over 250 owner-operated stores with the marketing of the brand being managed by five regional offices. This contributed to an inconsistent brand presence across multiple communication channels.

Research indicated that Tyrepower ranked well outside the top three for ‘intent to purchase’. This was of particular concern for a business in the tyre category where customers rarely shopped more than three brands for the best deal.


Prior to developing a new positioning for the brand, we conducted a large, national research study that identified some important insights into the category.

Firstly, it was clear that the primary audience was men aged 25-59. While women were definitely customers, when it came to choosing where to shop

Secondly, the market liked the idea of independence – where the person who owns the store runs the store and offers better service.

Thirdly, customers were after a choice of tyre brands, expert advice, and a sense they were getting great value. It didn’t have to be the cheapest tyre, just a great tyre at a value price.


The objective was to develop a unique creative platform for the brand that drives home key messages to get Tyrepower on the shopping list.

The campaign needed to be fully integrated across all communication media to ensure so that no matter where a customer was exposed to a Tyrepower ad, the brand message was consistent.


The use of Tyrepower store owners has been crictical to the success of the campaign.

They are seen as real, friendly, credible and trustworthy (as opposed to polished, professional actors). This helps drive the ‘independent’ positioning for the brand. And, while the TV ads are scripted, the owners’ delivery of their lines is honest, genuine and ‘warts and all’.

Importantly, the use of the store owners extends right through all campaign elements – from TV ads and radio ads through to the photography used for catalogues, POS posters and online advertising.

With the campaign launguage continually pushing the “Get the Power” theme – and thus providing vital connection back to the brand name – the creative has a critical consistency of tone to match the consistent overall look of the brand.

And because Tyrepower is a retail brand, every creative execution for the retail events also carry the same look and tone of voice as the ‘brand’ elements. This ensures Tyrepower looks, feels and sounds like the one brand wherever it is seen – and is therefore stronger for it.

Over the past three-and-a-half years we have regularly updated our hero store owners with new faces from the Tyrepower store network around Australia. Along with regular updates to the retail event themes, this has helped keep the campaign fresh and relevant.


Recent research tracking results have shown that Tyrepower’s brand recall (both prompted and unprompted) has jumped amongst the target audience. This has led to Tyrepower sitting at number 3 or 2 in ‘intent to purchase’ in most markets. Importantly, Tyrepower is now on the shopping list – a vital factor in a category with generally low interest and where purchases are only made every 3-4 years.

Creative elements

Bruni Dunn is responsible for developing all creative elements for Tyrepower’s calendar of retail events. This includes the planning and development of monthly sales themes and, depending on whether it is a major or minor event, will involve production of the following:

  • Digital. Website homepage theming,MRECs, banner ads, competition microsites (if required)
  • Retail TV. Using existing footage as a top and tail to insert product specials.
  • Radio. A suite of 30, 15 and 10 second retail themed commercials.
  • POS. Posters, counter cards, competition entry forms (if required).
  • Catalogues.

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